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Random thoughts to accompany the Wind Witches

There are certain windows in our house that work a most eerie serenade with the wind as it comes around the west side from the north. The sound always intensifies during fall and winter, playing a perfect accompaniment to the darkening days and moods of these deathish seasons. For a writer of fantasy and short mystery stories, the sound is a perfect background stimulant for writing. If I listen closely, I can hear the wails of lost souls and secret-tellers as their invisible fingers try to pry an opening into the warm interior of our old Victorian house. Looking out the window at noon, I can see an aura of grayness everywhere with barren trees silhouetted against that same gray overcast. As a writer of odd things, I welcome the dead in the cemetery across the street. Can they sense my willingness to scribe their untold stories?

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