sennebec (sennebec) wrote,

There is perfection by golly

Posting parts of a book works. (maybe not for me as a writer.) A couple weeks back, I got an e-newsletter featuring a blurb about Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series. I read the blurb, went to Amazon, read a bit more and ordered the first two in the series, Half-Blood and Pure. I was halfway through another YA book when they arrived and was going to wait until I was finished with the current book before starting Half-Blood which is the first one in the series. Well, out of curiosity, I picked it up at 11:30 pm. Next thing I knew, it was almost 2 am and I had all I could do to put it down. I ripped through the rest over the next two evenings, grabbed Pure immediately upon finishing book one, and finished that one about 40 minutes ago. Each one is an amazing read. The characters are addictive, the sexual tension (even there's no physical sex which makes it even more amazing)is done as well as in anything I've yet read, the action and the plotting right through to the end of the second book are stellar. If I could crank up my time machine, I'd fast forward to November so I could jump right into the third book.

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