sennebec (sennebec) wrote,

Time sneaking

So much for posting regularly. It's the old 'if you want to hear God laughing, tell him your plans for the future' bit. After putting a lot of time and effort into working on the current book and reaching a point where the line between word salad and a decent story became blurred, I gave myself permission to back away for a bit and read...a lot. We spent the week of July 4th in Lubec and I read 13 books-all YA fiction. It was fun, slightly decadent and helpful in a couple ways that I hadn't expected. First off, since several were .pdf copies from a new website that encourages reviews in return for digital ARCs, I discovered I do like reading from an electronic device, albeit a bulky 17.3" laptop (in bed even). I was also able to write up reviews immediately following reading each one so the reviews were extremely fresh. Second, I sharpened my sense of what's good writing VS what's less-than-good writing. That came in very handy this week when I picked up my first freelance editing job on a YA manuscript. No sooner was that job completed than I had another one drop into my lap completely be accident after a casual conversation with a Maine author.
I guess it's time to chill out over not writing obsessively and write when the spirit moves me like right now. 'Nuff said.

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