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Snow, a crazy cat and the interval

Beth doesn't have very good luck when she goes to Washington. She's had to go twice in her role as director of the undergraduate nursing program at Husson. The first trip occurred just as Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the eastern seaboard and had her stranded an extra couple days. When she went this time, what happened? We got 18" of snow, closing Bangor International Airport and stranding her in DC for another 2 days. This time, however, she decided to go enjoy the Smithsonian as well as explore Georgetown.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bernie, Gertie and I are doing fine, if fine is defined by waking up at 6 am with the cat sniffing one ear while the dog licks the other. This, however, is progress as the two have been fighting like..., well cats and dogs ever since we acquired Gertie 2 months ago. It's nice to have a cat again, even one as nuts as this critter. She gives nice kitty kisses and after she winds down in the evening, she lies on my feet to keep them warm.

What, you wonder took him so long to blog again? I have no good excuse. I'm still writing. In fact, I tackled NANOWRINO in November and was able to crank out 56,000 words in 30 days. That has since grown to about 105,000 and is very close to being a finished first draft of a thriller called Afternoon Break which germinated in my head for 7 years. In hindsight, letting it cook that long made writing so much so fast fairly easy. I'm now a regular member of the lineup over at Maine Crime Writers as well, posting 2-3 times per month. In addition, I contribute to the online newsletter of the Maine Library association as well as a blog that used to be the Sebasticook Valley Weekly newspaper. Other additions to the literary side of life include reviewing audio books and DVDs for School Library Journal, so writing continues to be a big part of what fuels my spirit.
Would that the body be as cooperative as the mind. I seem to have gotten a free lifetime membership in the chronic ailment of the year club. Last year it was gout. This year it's hypothyroidism. However, I'm pretty happy the latter was diagnosed as the difference, now that I'm on a small dose of synthetic thyroid every morning, is amazing. I was dragging my butt half of each day, feeling mentally like I was wading through jello. Now, I'm still prone to occasional space shot moments, but the productivity and mental alertness are a lot better, particularly in the afternoon. Having turned 65 this month, I'm getting used to the reality of shifting from my old health care to Medicare. I was sweating what medications were going to cost, but discovered my Maine State Retirement slides me into a covered Part D plan at no monthly cost to me...Huge sigh of relief at that. Now I have to see what out of pocket expenses look like for the next year and then I can decide on a retirement date. More when the urge hits.

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