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Wisdom in the wind?

Memorial Day, 2013: Cold, very windy and there's a hangover from 5 days of steady rain (which we needed, but maybe not in such a condensed time frame). Our 13 apple trees were in full bloom during the downpour, but even before the rain came, I studied the air around several trees and saw almost no pollinators. I asked one of my book club members who lives in St. Albans and is an avid gardener, but she was seeing the same paucity of bees around her trees. Today's paper has a big front page article about the hive collapse problem. 34% of domestic hives died last winter. Sad, that. Scary, that. Are we headed for a slow self-inflicted demise of our own doing? Was T.S. Eliot right in his poem the Hollow men? Are we going out, not with a bang, but with a whimper?
Despite the cold and wind we did have a Memorial Day parade this morning. Three veterans, a chaplain, the Nokomis Marching Band, four fire trucks , an ATV and at the end a bearded dude from the Exiles MC. Not sure if he was in the parade, or stuck behind it, but however he got there it was an interesting touch. Too chilly to traumatize set plants, too damp still to mow, but later I'll till the garden and attempt to mow. Book #52 for the year When You Were Gone by Lauren Strasnick is competing and losing to my slightly overlong last story for my YA anthology I call Dubstep and Wheelie: A love story as the destination of choice for the rest of this morning. The story has turned out to have much longer legs than I expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Next, I'll have to decide is all the stories fit, how much buffing they need and where to shop the book. I'm beginning to believe there's enough material floating about for a second anthology come fall.
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