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sennebec's Journal

2 March 1948
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I'm a 60-something writer, watcher of nature, sweepstaker and entire staff of a small Maine public library. I live in a big victorian home on the edge of town where wildlife of every sort wanders through the back yard. When I'm lucky, I catch it on camera and often write about it. I've spent most of my work life in mental health or library jobs; medical, public and systems software support.
Most of my published writing has been in the professional arena-I'm the internet columnist for Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, and as a regular contributor to Wolf Moon Journal, a Maine literary magazine. My newest gig is a weekly library column in the Sebasticook Valley Weekly. I did one for 5 years when I was the library director in Boothbay Harbor and found that it's not only fun, but the best marketing tool around.
I've been toiling away at a series of books about Berek Metcalf, a 17 year old kid who grows up on a Maine farm overlooking Simonton Pond. His extra finger makes him an outcast and so he spends most of his time wandering the woods and fields of the family farm, learning the languages of animals and birds, while crafting his own musical instruments. I'm currently writing book 5 and have had book one rejected by two agents after some consideration.
I'm also a long time friend of Bill W. which enters into much of my writing, as does the fact that my mother was an observer of the natural world who chronicled her observations in print for more than 50 years. What will I put in a journal? I haven't a clue at the moment, but I expect it will be an attempt to capture and share some of those early morning thoughts that often have value, but when uncaught, dissipate like morning mist in October.
I like good fantasy, with well crafted worlds: think Glenda Larke, Tamora Pierce, David Gemmell, T.A. Barron and Stephen Donaldson.
I like new age music.
I like well-crafted thrillers.
I like discovering new mystery writers and sharing them with my patrons.
I like giving kids their own library card.
I like having a few really special friends.
I like to do something good for the world every day.
I like cataloging, even though that sounds nuts.
I like watching the Red Sox and Patriots win-a lot.
I like being funny.
I like winning stuff.